Episcopal Carmel of Saint Teresa
A contemplative community for women in the Episcopal Church
123 Little New York Road, Rising Sun, Maryland 21911
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About Carmelite Nuns

Carmelite nuns are hidden, silent missionaries responding to the needs of the world by holding them in continual prayer.

Carmelite share a common awareness of God's intimate love. Our only possible response is complete surrender and self-offering to the Beloved. Our desire is to live simple lives, free from encumbrances and open to the Spirit.

Carmelites are weak, questioning, and broken, but also full of joy, hope, and the knowledge that we are loved by God.

Carmelite nuns are monastic, living vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. God is our sole focus and desire.

Carmelite nuns live in solitude within community. We live alone with God and in relationship with one another. Saint Teresa wanted her monasteries to be small enough so all could be friends. Our life is hidden and semi-closed.

Carmelites share a devotion to Mary, the mother of Christ. She is our model of one silently holding all things in prayer and love. She is traditionally known as Mother of Carmel.



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