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A contemplative community for women in the Episcopal Church
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"So what does it mean to be an Associate of Episcopal Carmel of Saint Teresa?"


This is a question we are asked over and over again…….and what a wonderful question to be asked!

Our Associates are our best friends,

  • our extended family,
  • our supporters,
  • benefactors
  • and prayer partners.

Associates are

  • committed to Christ
  • and resonate with the Contemplative Spirituality of Carmel.

They witness to the presence and value of Episcopal Carmel to the Church and in the world in which they live.

Associates live by a spiritual discipline or Rule of Life which they are free to work out with a Spiritual Director, Clergy Person, or Nun of Episcopal Carmel. The intent is that the Associate be on an intentional spiritual journey and nurturing their growth in prayer and relationship with God.

We pray daily at the Monastery for our Associates and Associates promise to pray for each member of the family by name also daily.

Associates are always welcome at the Monastery and, space permitting; they may attend Study Weekends and participate in Chat Room Classes.

The Community of Episcopal Carmel of Saint Teresa is upheld by the prayers, support, generosity, and witness of our many Associates and we thank God each day for them.

For more information about being an Associate of Episcopal Carmel of Saint Teresa please contact the Monastery.

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